Jan's Web Site

Make your own web site? Yes why not!

Welcome to one of my web site. It is quite easy to create your own web site as there are so many tools that you can just pick up and use. And there are so many ways you can build your own web site. You can take the normal web hosting way to build one or take one of those free ones like this Google Sites. Of course, a real web hosting solution would give you the best in terms of making a proper fully functional web site, while using free site like this Google Site imposes a lot of restriction on what you can and cannot do with.

However, if you just want to have a simple web site with a few pages just to show case your company or yourself without any much else. This Google Site could just be right choice for you. But if want to do something more, than it would definitely better to have a real web hosting solution.

And the best that I have found so far is Sitesell's Site Build It (SBI).

SBI has the best tools around to build a web site that can draw in good web site traffic volume. It even gives you instructions on how to create the best web site around online. And finally it tells you how you can build a business around what you have created. So in the end your cost of starting up the web site becomes fully paid for by itself.

Bluehost is a true blue web hosting solution company. But what makes it stand apart from other web hosting companies is the features and tools to make your own web site absolutely incredible. Although they do not provide any instruction manual, after all they are what they are, a web hosting company, the stuffs they provide makes it a very useful web hosting company. In fact it is so useful I have linked my SBI web site to Bluehost to make use of the features. (And yes, even SBI wholeheartedly recommends Bluehost for those added funtionality).

What sort of functionality you might ask. For example, with the Fantastico Autoinstalls and Simple Scripts feature, I could easily and effortlessly create Wordpress blogs, phpBB forums, CMS software like Joomla/Drupal/etc, photo galleries using ZenPhoto or Coppermine, and many more! Plus you can add in and set up multiple domains in one account so you save the cost of web hosting in one neat package!

And guess what, I even CNAME (don't know what is this? Tell you more later!) my account from Bluehost to this Google Site so that this site carries the same domain that I have set up in Bluehost. Neat trick, eh?

There's more you can do with a web site apart from just making a blog or a website about your favourite topic. How you want to make your own web site will depend on your imagination and innovation. And of course it doesn't hurt to look see at what other people has done just to give you that spark of inspiration to create your own super duper web site!